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Know An Adult Going Back To College? The Perfect Gifts

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If you have a friend or family member who is an adult and going back to college, there are some great gifts you can give them to encourage them to do well. These gifts ca be extremely helpful if they already have a full time job, and if they are looking for ways to cram in schooling. If you want to get them something to show them that you are proud of what they are doing, and to help them with their studies, these are just a few of the gift ideas you can try. Digital Audio Recorder It can be difficult to concentrate in every lecture, and to catch everything while you’re taking notes. A digital audio recorder is ideal for anyone returning to college because they can use it to go over what the professor said, and they can jot down anything that they missed. Most professors won’t appreciate seeing a cell phone on a desk, but a digital audio recorder is an acceptable item to use. On Campus Coffee Shop Gift Card Juggling a full time job and classes often means a lot of late nights, and the perfect way to help them stay up is with coffee. If there is a campus coffee shop, or if there is a favorite coffee shop that they like, give them a gift card to that location to use when they really need a strong cup. They will appreciate it and you can write in the car that it’s for the late night sessions ahead. Online Book Store Gift Card The cost of books can be hundreds of dollars each semester, and this can really make paying for school difficult. There are many online websites dedicated to selling college textbooks new and used, to help students save money on their purchases. Get a gift card for some of these websites, or get them a basic money card to use for text books. These are just a few of the great options you have to give the adult in your life a great gift as they make the commitment to go back to school. Ask the adult if there is something that they still have on their requirement list to start the semester and to be successful, like a calculator or another device. Taking some of the financial burden off of their load when it comes to going back to school will be a big...

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Videographing Your Studio’s Dance Recital: Essential Discussions With The Videographer

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If you are putting on a dance studio recital, a great bonus for students is a video recording of the performance. To get the most from this service, it’s essential to work out as many details as possible ahead of time with your videographer. Here are some talking points for you to consider, especially if you are working with an all-purpose videographer who covers more horse shows and weddings and has minimal experience in the dance world. Payment for Services Some videographers may expect to be paid on a flat fee or hourly rate for their services. However, it will be less costly to you and more profitable to the videographer if they provide their services for free and make their money selling DVDs of the performance to the students and their families. You may even be able to make money by charging an administration fee on top of the DVD price for handling the distribution and collecting money. Protecting Your Material You want to make sure that your choreography or other copyrighted material is not accessible to competitors. Ask your videographer to sign a confidentiality agreement and to only sell DVDs to performers and their friends or families. Also, ask about whether they do their own in-house duplication for an added layer of security. Order and Delivery of the Finished Product Discuss how the finished product will be ordered and delivered to the recipients. Are DVD buyers reserving copies online or through the studio? Additionally, determine whether the DVDs will be mailed directly to your students or if they will be delivered to the studio for pickup there. Technical Issues The following are some technical issues you want to work out with the videographer in advance of the show as well: Will the videographer be attending the dress rehearsal? Ideally, they should to become familiar with the theater, lighting, and program. They can check camera placement and do a sound check as well. How many cameras will they be using? If they are unsure, suggest three: one for closeups at the edge of the stage, one in the rear of the theater for medium shots, and another in the rear for wide-angle views. Extra cameras will also provide backup in case one camera fails. Suggest that the videographer test out the cameras with people sitting in the audience, so the tripod height can be adjusted accordingly. Make sure the videographer knows how you want the performance filmed and edited. Do you want mostly long shots with a few closeups at the start, during solos, and during bows, or do you want many cuts back and forth. Fred Astaire may have revolutionized dance films by asking for uncut, full-body sequences, but kids today are used to multiple cuts due to music videos. How do you want microphone placement handled? A shotgun mic on the closeup camera may work well to get both the patter of little feet and the audience’s applause, but it will also pick up undesirable noise like hard pointe shoes and heavy breathing. If you are including tap dance numbers, you may have to mic the stage in order for the tappers to be heard. Ensure that your videographer knows that every student needs to be included in the video. If there are multiple performances with...

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A Few Reasons You May Want To Buy A Videoscope

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Sometimes you go to a hardware or tool store and see something you would really like to have but cannot justify buying it. If the item you spot is a videoscope, then rest assured that it can be useful for a lot of tasks around the home. Before you pass up a good deal on one, consider how much easier the following jobs would be if you could see everything you needed to see. Plumbing Work When you have a clog that will not clear, and are not sure where it could be, use a videoscope. Feed the line down into the drain and see exactly what and where the clog is located. This can be extremely helpful when the problem is in the main drain and out in the yard somewhere. You will see if it is a collapsed pipe, tree roots, or something that was flushed down the toilet. The videoscope will also let you know where to start digging to get to the problem. Chimneys It is not always possible to see all the way through a chimney. When you have smoke backing up into your house, it is vital you find out the problem and get rid of it. Sometimes the problem is the nest of an animal that could be dangerous if you attempt to move it. Put the camera of the vidoescope up through the chimney to see what you have up there. This way you can choose the safest way to deal with the problem. Cars Trying to see all the different parts in the engine compartment would require taking off different parts or pieces. However, if you have a videoscope, you can send the camera into small areas to see what might be causing the issue. You can even put the scope into the gas tank to find out how much sediment or debris has settled in the bottom. This will tell you if you need to have the tank blown out or not. HVAC Ductwork Strange smells and poor airflow can mean there is either something stuck in the ducts or there is a hole somewhere. Being able to see what is going on in the ductwork will help you find a solution and save money on your heating and cooling bills. The next time you see a videoscope for sale, consider getting it to help with repairs and maintenance around your home. Even if you have to call in a professional to fix the problem, you will at least be able to tell him or her what it is and save time on diagnosing it. This will mean a shorter service call and a lower...

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Security Cameras Defend Your Home in Many Ways

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Thieves can break into your home in many different ways. Strengthening your home’s defenses can help you to protect your home, but creative thieves can get through most of what you throw at them. Thus, you need something to catch thieves who are not deterred by the security measures that you have already taken. One way to turn the tables on would-be thieves is to use security cameras. While the mere presence of a camera can make a difference, choosing a camera with the right features will further enhance your home’s defenses.  The Presence of a Camera Sometimes just the sight of a camera will deter thieves. Thieves understand that getting caught on a camera will serve as evidence of their illegal actions. Thus, thieves tend to be skittish around cameras. If you have a fake camera, it can deter some thieves, but you need to make sure that it is a convincing fake. A box with a flashing light will not likely deter anyone.  Security Features You cannot always expect just the sight of a camera to send all thieves packing, so you should consider having an actual camera. When you install a camera, you need to make sure that it has its own power supply and a way to transmit images to a storage device. Also, if thieves can cut the video feed or power to your camera, they can disable it and prevent it from catching them on tape. Make sure that your camera has batteries and wireless capabilities.  Image Features Cameras can record quality images but only when there is light. Connecting your camera to a security light will help to create good images that police can later use. Another option is to use a camera with infrared sensors, which can record images even when it is dark outside.  Storage Features Some cameras will broadcast a live feed to your computer, your cell phone, or other devices. While a live feed is good, if you have no way to record images, they cannot be used later on. On the other hand, you cannot save every image from your camera. Thus, the best you can hope for is a system that will have enough storage space to save a few days’ worth of footage so that you can use it when you need it.  Choosing the right security camera is not as easy as you might think. In order to get a camera that will serve your needs, you need to look at a few different cameras and compare their features. Find the camera that best serves your needs and add it to your home’s defenses. To get started, speak with a representative from a security camera provider like Home Theatre...

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